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The moon may be dim or bright, wax or wane. Even there is a moment when the moon is fully hidden by the Earth, love is still in the universe, for you.

Necklace Specifications
Material:Concrete,316 Stainless Steel

Color:Black Concrete, Silver

Dimension:11.5 mm Diameter


Weight:6 g

Concrete Features:Possible to exposed to water,Polished to remove the dust on the surface

Stainless Steel Features:Possible to exposed to water,won't oxidize,solid and hard,Anti - sweat acid attack

Others:Every piece of concrete is unique and the only one,each piece of concrete has different style pattern,air bubble or crack on the surface

Usage & Maintenance
Can wear it when taking the shower/bath, swimming

Black Moon Concrete Necklace (Total Lunar Eclipse) | Galaxy Series


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