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A simple piece of Triangle constructed with concrete - material representing high toughness which can stand for different impact from the surrounding. Self confidence on the own style. 
Smooth surface and sharp edge showing our passion of high quality art piece.

Earrings Specifications
Material:Concrete,316 Stainless Steel

Color:Grey Concrete,Silver

Dimension:7(L) x 8(W) x 3(H) mm

Weight:2 g

Concrete Features:Possible to exposed to water,Polished to remove the dust on the surface

Stainless Steel Features:Possible to exposed to water,won't oxidize,solid and hard,Anti - sweat acid attack

Others:Every piece of concrete is unique and the only one,each piece of concrete has different style pattern,air bubble or crack on the surface

Usage & Maintenance
Can wear it when taking the shower/bath, swimming

Triangle Concrete Earring | Classic Series


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